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Traditions and nature of the Scottish Highlands

Located in the northern part of Scotland is this prodigious enclave full of mountains and little inhabited. The Highlands are full of valleys and ravines and bathe in the legends and history of popular wisdom. They have castles and villages where you can enjoy the greenest and most beautiful places ever seen that will make us believe that we are in another world, in an uncertain dimension and with a medieval aspect populated by fairies, goblins and ghosts.

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Mostar Bridge, a symbol of unity

The Mostar Bridge in Bosnia-Herzegovina is considered a symbol of unity and a call to peace. For centuries it united very different religious communities. The war ended with him, but he was reborn from his ashes to become a reminder of the nonsense of the fighting.

4 corners of Copenhagen not to be missed

The capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, is one of the most ecological cities on the planet. The Danes hope that by 2025 this city will be completely free of CO2. In addition, Denmark has been listed by the World Database of Hapiness as the happiest country in the world. Prepare your bags to tour this sophisticated and vibrant Nordic city!

Natural places that should be wonders of the world

You already know that there are the wonders of the world both human and natural. Although these sites are already determined, there are many natural places that should be considered as wonders of the world and they are not. Do you want to meet some? Natural places that should be wonders of the world The proclaimed natural wonders of the world are only seven.

Rafflesias, the giant flowers of Malaysia

Malaysia is a very interesting and exotic country, with secrets and hidden charms that many do not even imagine. In this case, we want to talk to you about the Rafflesias, which are among the largest flowers in the world and only grow in Southeast Asia. Are you coming with us to Malaysia? What are the Rafflesias The Rafflesia is a type of flower that belongs to the euphorbiaceae family.

The weather in Vienna, get ready for adventure

Vienna is one of the most desired cities by tourists and travelers from around the world, not only for its enormous musical influence, but for its beautiful architecture. However, before thinking about a visit, it is important to consider what the weather is like in Vienna and decide what the best time of the year would be to visit it.

How to visit the impressive Washington Capitol

It is impossible not to see the Washington Capitol if you travel to the capital of the United States. The monument, with its impressive white dome, is visible from much of the city, among other things because it sits on Capitol Hill, the Capitol Hill. That is, at a high point, thus reinforcing its symbolic role as the seat of people's power.

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Alternative plans in Berlin What to see and do?

The famous and historic wall, the Brandenburg Gate, the Museum Island or the Reichstag are typical attractions of the German capital to meet on a first visit or on a short stay. If this is the second time you are in the city, there are alternative plans in Berlin that you will love. Alternative plans in Berlin: beyond the traditional The capital of Germany is a city with an intense history and an evolution like no other has had.

The cuisine of the United States, a great unknown

When talking about the cuisine of the United States, many think of fast and processed food. Basically, hamburgers and hot dogs. And also, we think about it in the format we know for franchise chains. But the reality is very different. The cuisine of the United States is a mixture of exquisite flavors, multicultural traditions and an infinite culinary creativity.

Doi Inthanon: an excursion from Chiang Mai

Doi Inthanon is the highest mountain in Thailand, rising more than two thousand five hundred meters above sea level, and is one of the places that should be visited on any trip to the country. Therefore, below we tell you how to get there by taking an excursion from Chiang Mai, as well as other information of interest.

Rila Monastery in Bulgaria, pilgrimage site

Rila Monastery is one of the quintessential symbols of Bulgaria. It is located above the Rila Mountains, about 120 kilometers from Sofia and 41 kilometers from Blagoevgrad. This idyllic landscape combines perfectly with the nearby rivers, the Drushlyavitsa River and the Rilska, which form a unique postcard for visitors who approach this wonderful place.

We visit the 6 most beautiful villages near Girona

Girona is one of the most beautiful provinces in Spain. Its beautiful natural landscapes blend perfectly with the rich history of its people and its capital. Fantastic destinations to spend a simple but dream vacation. Would you like to know some of those places? Sailor and medieval villages, our route goes to the most beautiful villages near Girona.

The 8 best hiking trails in the world

If yours is the passion for nature and adventure, these hiking trails are for you. Discover some of the most beautiful and impressive places on our planet making these routes, ideal for experts and also for trekking enthusiasts. Hikers to the limit Annapurna, Nepal Nepal - Blazej Lyjak / Shutterstock.

8 wonderful corners of Japan you must visit

At least once in life you have to visit Japan. Its history, its customs, its natural spaces, its bustling cities, its monuments ... everything is so different from what we see in the West that you will never forget it. There are thousands of things you can enjoy but the ones we show are some of the corners of Japan that you should know.

Meet the Món Sant Benet monastery near Barcelona

The monastery Món Sant Benet de Bages is a great example of positive evolution for a monument. A sample of how historical and artistic heritage can come back to life after several centuries of existence. In this case, a renovation in which some of the great names of Catalan art of the last century have intervened.

An elephant ride to Amber Fort, in Jaipur

At Amber Fort, a palace complex located in India, you can enjoy a fantastic elephant ride. This way you can visit this palace, one of the most important monuments in the state of Rayastán. This set of buildings began to be built on previous ones at the end of the 16th century, specifically, it was inaugurated in 1592.

How to get to the oracle of Delphi in Greece

One of the most visited and most attractive tourist areas in Greece is the oracle of Delphi. In the Ancient Age, Delphi was considered the center of the universe, hence its importance. Today is an indispensable place to learn more about the history of one of the great civilizations of the past.

Cocos Island in Costa Rica, the most beautiful island in the world

The island of Coco in Costa Rica is one of the most privileged natural sites in the world. An authentic virgin paradise inhabited only by some park rangers and researchers. Jacques Cousteau said of her that it was the most beautiful island on earth. Do you want to meet her? Come with us! The Isla del Coco National Park, is located in the Pacific Ocean, 535 kilometers from Cabo Blanco and is a lush green paradise in the middle of the ocean.